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The Green Wave: 5 Tech Trends That Will Accelerate E-Cycling*

June 23, 2012


There’s a subtle part of Apple’s WWDC that many analysts overlooked, yet it will have an ongoing impact on how we use and reuse consumer electronics. Within a few seconds after showing the new MacBook Pro feature set, Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, showed theEnvironmental Checklist. This was the first time in Apple’s product […]

Eco Marathon: Can You Get 3,000 MPG?

March 27, 2012


If you thought that getting 50+ MPG in a gasoline-powered car is a stellar result, there’s one annual event in the U.S. that would demonstrate otherwise: the Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, Texas. From March 29 through April 1, more than 1000 high school and university students will be competing to break the 2,565 MPG record that was achieved […]

Do Smartphones Have an Afterlife? *

January 20, 2012


With less than 10% of U.S. cell phones being recycled (source: IDC) each year, there’s a trend in Korea that could create a whole new market in the U.S.: certified recycled phones. Just as Samsung has the most innovative Android smartphones in the world, another Korean-based company will pave the way for recycling and reusing Android phones […]

Green Recipe for Smartphone Power: Just Add Water*

January 17, 2012


 How many times have you spent looking for an outlet to charge your power-hungry smartphone (especially when traveling)? No grid? No problem. With PowerTrekk, if you can find a tablespoon of water, you’ll instantly have power for nearly another full day. This is the first field-proven eco-friendly charger that eliminates the tedious need for charging […]

Can a 13-Year-Old Change the World?

January 6, 2012


What do Maine, New York and Abu Dhabi have in common? They all have hundreds of people interested in hearing more about the solar energy project of Aidan Dwyer, a 13-year-old student from Long Island. Click here for his PopTech video with his slide show about “Better Solar Designs.” Even more fascinating is that Aidan’s […]

Google Green: Energy, Products & Scrapbook*

December 21, 2011


How large is Google’s clean energy investment in 2011? Google recently published on its green blog that its portfolio of clean energy investments will approach nearly $1 billion for 2011. According to Axel Martinez, Assistant Treasurer, Google has recently provided a $94 million equity investment in a portfolio of solar energy projects being built by […]