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Will the Next Big Thing Be Green?

October 19, 2012


Earlier this week, much of the world witnessed an amazing human and technological feat when Felix Baumgartner – an Austrian Skydiver, daredevil and Base jumper – broke the sound barrier at Mach 1.24 (834 m.p.h) during his skydiving freefall from an altitude of over 128,000 feet (~24 miles) [see video]. Sixty-five years earlier on the […]

2012 Olympics: Mobile, Social, 3D and Green*

July 28, 2012


With as many as 4 billion people expected to watch the London Olympic games over the next two weeks, organizers have made many high-tech improvements that will captivate and elucidate viewers with four times more information produced than the Beijing Olympics. The U.S. Swimming Team has quickly shown how technology can play a social role in […]

Thank You for Listening: Apple REPEATs with EPEAT*

July 14, 2012


The customers have asked for “A Greener Apple” and Apple has listened. Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering posted a customer letter on Apple’s website: “We’ve recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system. I recognize that this was a mistake. Starting today, all eligible Apple […]

Where is Steve Jobs’ Greener Apple? (Exclusive Greenpeace Comments)*

July 10, 2012


In a rare Apple letter to consumers titled “A Greener Apple” in 2007, Steve Jobs wrote about Apple’s desires and plans to become greener. He confirmed that Apple had not been very clear about its environmental policies with its customers, shareholders, employees and the industry. By sharing the plans to remove toxic chemicals from its new products […]

Made in the USA…and Eco-Friendly Wireless Products

July 1, 2012


Take a look around at the gadgets you use and find one that has been “Made in the USA.” A few readers may claim that “Designed by Apple in California” would be the closest we can get. Yet with Google’s announcement that the Nexus Q streaming media player is “Designed and Manufactured in the USA,” it’s time […]

Why LG’s Greenest Smartphones Should Be Greener*

April 21, 2012


In honor of Earth Day, Sprint announced that it will be launching LG’s greenest smartphones for 2012 on April 22nd: the LG Viper™ 4G LTE, the first Sprint 4G LTE with eco-friendly features and LG Optimus Elite™. While both smartphones represent advances in the sustainability of smartphones, LG has room to grow greener with other eco-friendly features […]

Trash Tech: Should Americans Be “Taxed” for Food Waste? *

April 14, 2012


With $43 billion of food wasted in the U.S. each year ($590 of food wasted per family), it may be time to start the same type of country-wide food waste “tax” that will be launching in Korea this year. Using RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, Korean utility companies have created an ingenious high-tech system that can […]