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Made in the USA…and Eco-Friendly Wireless Products

July 1, 2012


Take a look around at the gadgets you use and find one that has been “Made in the USA.” A few readers may claim that “Designed by Apple in California” would be the closest we can get. Yet with Google’s announcement that the Nexus Q streaming media player is “Designed and Manufactured in the USA,” it’s time […]

The Green Wave: 5 Tech Trends That Will Accelerate E-Cycling*

June 23, 2012


There’s a subtle part of Apple’s WWDC that many analysts overlooked, yet it will have an ongoing impact on how we use and reuse consumer electronics. Within a few seconds after showing the new MacBook Pro feature set, Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, showed theEnvironmental Checklist. This was the first time in Apple’s product […]

Do Smartphones Have an Afterlife? *

January 20, 2012


With less than 10% of U.S. cell phones being recycled (source: IDC) each year, there’s a trend in Korea that could create a whole new market in the U.S.: certified recycled phones. Just as Samsung has the most innovative Android smartphones in the world, another Korean-based company will pave the way for recycling and reusing Android phones […]

Green Recipe for Smartphone Power: Just Add Water*

January 17, 2012


 How many times have you spent looking for an outlet to charge your power-hungry smartphone (especially when traveling)? No grid? No problem. With PowerTrekk, if you can find a tablespoon of water, you’ll instantly have power for nearly another full day. This is the first field-proven eco-friendly charger that eliminates the tedious need for charging […]

Apple vs. Samsung: Battle of the Green Giants*

October 21, 2011


Welcome ladies and gentleman to the green battle of the year. In this corner earning $133 bil./yr. originating from South Korea is Samsung (revenue source: Fortune Global 500). And in the opposing corner is Apple, born and raised in the USA, which just announced FY11 revenue of $108 billion. Round 1: Green Company Rankings. In Newsweek’s […]

The Animated History of the iPhone (Viral Video)

October 19, 2011


As a tribute to one of Steve Jobs’ monumental inventions, CNET UK released a brilliant Animated History of the iPhone – an infographic video (CLICK HERE for video) and a feat of viral proportions – implicit with a green impact. While it condenses Apple’s 35-year history in less than 4 minutes, we quickly learn how […]

Is iPhone 4S Greener? Siri’s Answer: “No”

October 14, 2011


Free electricity or an iPhone 4S? What do consumers want?  Here’s the hint: Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, waited in line for his iPhone 4S at the Apple Store in Los Gatos.  Thousands of consumers across the country are waiting in line at Apple Retail Stores to get an iPhone 4S. So when Apple launches […]