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Will the Next Big Thing Be Green?

October 19, 2012


Earlier this week, much of the world witnessed an amazing human and technological feat when Felix Baumgartner – an Austrian Skydiver, daredevil and Base jumper – broke the sound barrier at Mach 1.24 (834 m.p.h) during his skydiving freefall from an altitude of over 128,000 feet (~24 miles) [see video]. Sixty-five years earlier on the […]

Time for Green Consumers to DWYSYWD

April 10, 2012


U.S. consumers may talk the green talk, but do they walk the green walk? Not yet. Although nearly two-thirds of Americans want to protect the environment, less than one-third actually do. According to the latest Survey of the American Consumers, less than half as many American adults (31%) purchase green products than those who say […]

Eco Marathon: Can You Get 3,000 MPG?

March 27, 2012


If you thought that getting 50+ MPG in a gasoline-powered car is a stellar result, there’s one annual event in the U.S. that would demonstrate otherwise: the Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, Texas. From March 29 through April 1, more than 1000 high school and university students will be competing to break the 2,565 MPG record that was achieved […]

WWSJD? The Future of the iAppliance

September 13, 2011


WWSJD (What Would Steve Jobs Do?) if he were to develop an iAppliance? It has been the ingenuity of Jobs that has driven Apple stock to appreciate over 60X from the time he was named interim CEO to the time he retired in August.  Apple’s simplicity of design and ease of use have led to […]

LG Out-ThinQ’s Samsung in Smart Appliances

September 6, 2011


Samsung’s appliances may be Smart, yet LG’s are Smarter. With both presenting their Smart Appliance strategies among 235,000 attendees at IFA’s Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, LG’s Smart ThinQ™ outperformed Samsung’s “Smart Innovation in the Home.” Each company also demonstrated their newest Smart Refrigerators and Smart Washing Machines in their ongoing race toward market share […]

How to Win in Smart Energy: Study Maslow’s Hierarchy

August 25, 2011


With the Smart Grid/Energy market expected to exceed $100 billion in sales by 2015, the stakes are huge for those who take a market leadership position. And it’s likely that smartphone companies want to have a big piece of the pie.  Apple leads the smartphone market with its flagship iPhone. Google enables the leading platform for […]