About EcoLeader

Combining his Fortune 500 executive experience  with his Eco Tech (Cleantech) consulting and MIT background, Ed Valdez created this Blog as a resource for Eco Leaders who seek to:

–          Learn from Eco Leaders (outliers) in Products, Processes or PR who blaze a trail for greener consumer electronics and a greener way of life.

–          Be a Change Agent to accelerate Green Product Lifecycle Management within Fortune 500 companies.

–          Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest Eco Electronics Trends who are Leaders in their respective categories as well as citing laggards who greenwash consumer messaging.

–          Take Eco-Friendly Actions in your home, office or on-the-move to conserve energy and save money to be an Eco Leader  for a Greener Planet while  building a pipeline for Generation G – those committed to living green.

Ed also seeks for this forum to be interactive with you and other Eco Leaders to make a positive impact for a greener and sustainable planet.


About Ed Valdez:

As a Fortune 500 and startup executive, Ed Valdez combines his eco technology insights with his MIT background to be a change agent for accelerating eco-driven strategies within U.S. and international firms.  He is Chief Eco Officer of Ecotech Ventures, a sales, marketing, consulting firm focused on

– building fun, corporate-driven Sustainability Programs for employee participation;

– green product life cycle management; and

– commercializing eco electronics products to optimize sell-through for the retail and distribution channels.

You can contact him at .

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