Earth Hour: 3 Ways to a Greener Planet*

Posted on March 30, 2012


There’s one common action you can take with nearly 2 billion people on March 31st at 8:30PM in your local time zone: turn off the lights. What began with the World Wildlife Foundation in Australia in 2007 has now grown to a global eco campaign that will reach individuals, families, businesses and governments when they commit to make greener choices on a daily basis. Click here for a video overview of Earth Hour.

There at least three ways you can make a difference to protect the planet:

  • Get Involved: First, take the pledge by visiting the site. Then after you join the community via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can spread the word by inviting your friends, posting to your Facebook wall, tweeting your Earth Hour messages by using the hashtag #EarthHour in all your Earth Hour tweets (“@earthhour I’m switching off the lights for #earthhour”) and consider joining a MeetUp group.
  • Get Children Involved: To celebrate Earth Hour, Dr. Seuss’ legendary character The Lorax will turn his moustache green for a whole day on March 31st. According to The Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not,” so now is your chance to do something. Your children can visit on March 31st to see The Lorax change his moustache. You can learn and apply the list of Green Tips The Lorax has for Earth Hour (here’s the Movie Trailer). There are also more fun activities on the Fun Stuff link.
  • Go Beyond Earth Hour: Use any number of “How-to’ Guides. Consider becoming an Earth Hour Organizer. Plan to participate in the City Challenge next year. And for those leaders in companies and corporations, become an Earth Hour partner for the future.

What Will You Do?More importantly, make smarter choices on a daily basis for a sustainable future by knowing your carbon footprint and lowering it, reducing energy use at home and on the road, purchasing energy efficient products, minimizing water use, and switching to renewable energy whenever possible. Less than 24 hours to go…to Earth Hour.

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