How to Host a Green Superbowl Party *

Posted on February 4, 2012


The NFL has already promoted how much greener Superbowl XLVI will be in with the use of “green power” from Green Mountain Energy via the descriptive infographic (click here). They’ve even kept a tally about how much the local community has already saved in water and carbon emissions.

We’ve also been amazed with the amount of food consumed during Superbowl parties with Wall Street Journal’s excellent interactive graphic about how many chicken wings, pizza, chips, beer, pretzels and avocados will be devoured in a span of a few hours. So with so much partying about to ensue within a day, it’s time to scan the country for what we can do to partner with the NFL and create a green Superbowl party.

Here’s a timesaver with a quick index of options for having an eco-friendly Superbowl celebration:

  • The Mother Nature Network has cited Danielle V.’s video for how to get ready for the big game in an eco-friendly way with a Fair Trade football, organic foods, and organic drinks while keeping in mind the importance of buying recyclable products.
  • If you’re a DIY host, you will enjoy the article from Green Living Ideas that describes more about how to make homemade chips, create natural decorations with household materials, use recyclable dinnerware, and encourage recycling by setting up bins for glass, cans, paper and plastic.
  • If you’re focused on gastronomic delights, you can find more ways to eat organically with six yummy recipes such as chili, salsa, sliders etc. via the Inhabitat site.
  • Lastly, with so many Superbowl promotions flooding the air waves for the best in consumer electronics, gadget aficionados will enjoy Wired’s recommendations of the must-have hardware that will rock your world. You’ll enjoy their expert assortment that includes a Slingbox shifter, FoodSaver vacuum sealer, Breville Smart Oven, Dyson Digital Slim and Soulo Karaoke – to name a few. Just remember the importance of recycling your old, unused electronics and…Let the Green Superbowl Parties begin!

Are there other ways you can suggest for a greener and greater Superbowl party?

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