Green Recipe for Smartphone Power: Just Add Water*

Posted on January 17, 2012


PowerTrekk How many times have you spent looking for an outlet to charge your power-hungry smartphone (especially when traveling)? No grid? No problem. With PowerTrekk, if you can find a tablespoon of water, you’ll instantly have power for nearly another full day. This is the first field-proven eco-friendly charger that eliminates the tedious need for charging via sunlight or wind-generated energy. It’s also the first fuel-cell based charger that meets TSA standards for airline travel.

At CES 2012, Bjorn Westerholm, the CEO of myFC FB (a Sweden-based innovator) explained more about this innovation, “The PowerTrekk is compatible with 2700 mobile phones around the world – iPhones, Android-based smartphones and many others. Each year, around 2 billion mobile phone chargers are sold and the gap between the amount of power smartphone users demand with what’s available keeps growing.” Click here for a brief video overview.
PowerTrekk Diagram
With the reality of universal chargers coming soon with the micro-USB standard, PowerTrekk makes charging simple with a micro-USB, mini-USB and USB interface to accommodate almost every phone in use today. Bjorn continued, “The new standard will change the way in which mobile phone chargers are bought as they will be sold over the counter instead of coming in the box together with the handset. This opens up a good sales opportunity for us.”

In addition to being able to charge smartphones, PowerTrekk can also be used to charge other gadgets like cameras, GPS devices or other mobile gadgets. Its competitive eco-friendly advantage is that the power generated from the safe interaction between the water and the fuel cells – which converts hydrogen into energy – is not dependent on weather, the position or intensity of the sun, or wind speed.

The PowerTrekk is available now in Europe and will be available in the US by May. Given that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water and we can find it nearly everywhere we go, you’ll never be out of power again with PowerTrekk.

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