LG Leads the Way on Recycling Day*

Posted on November 15, 2011


Nov. 15th marks America Recycles Day and LG Electronics is the only consumer electronics company sponsoring events nationwide to accelerate consumer recycling. LG Electronics USA is a corporate sponsor of America Recycles Day and Keep America Beautiful. Samsung, Apple, HTC and others are noticeably absent from supporting the only nationally recognized day for promoting recycling.

LG recycles over 15% of all of their electronics products which include household appliances, computers and mobile phones. Additionally, about 11% of all LG products use recycled plastics (post-industrial plastics). LG has targeted increasing the use of recycled plastics across 25% of all products worldwide.

The LG Recycling Program covers all of the LGE brands: LG, Goldstar and Zenith. Consumers can use one of three services outlined on the program website:

LG Recycling Options

  1. Waste Management Drop-off points: The site provides a Zip Code locator for e-cycling virtually any type of consumer electronics product.
  2. E-Waste Map: Allows consumers to select their state to identify specific cities that accommodate e-cycling sites and sponsors.
  3. Eco-mobilization: Accelerates sustainability in corporate or high school-sponsored programs that motivate consumers to use renewable energy, educate users about the importance of sustainability and activate people to take a hands-on approach with tools such as the zero waste recycling program to reduce e-waste in landfills.

How can you help? Take the Pledge for America Recycles Day (click here). More action-driven tools and resources are available on the America Recycles Day website.

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