The Future of iPhone 7: Mind User Interface

Posted on October 11, 2011


Who is capable of seeing what is invisible, creating modern marvels from divine creativity and knowing what humans want before we want it? While most religious believers would think of the Prime Mover, the mass market of Apple loyalists would know that it is the one and only creator – Steve Jobs.

Last week Apple launched the most significant user interface for smartphones in the iPhone 4S with Siri – a virtual assistant application with contextual relevance. Yet Jobs must have already been working on iPhone 7 because Apple works on a 3- to 4-year roadmap. Despite his herculean efforts to achieve a prototype model with his next magical user interface beyond Siri, Jobs would have realized there was only one place where he could see his amazing idea in action: heaven or in his case iHeaven. For in heaven, as you think, so you create. If Jobs thinks of the next iPhone, voila, the next iPhone appears in his hand in the extraordinary dimensions he would dream, the incredible features, the beautiful color and the most phenomenal user interface that would be the holy grail for smartphones.

Jobs didn’t just want Siri to help your voice commands get you what you want through your iPhone – arguably the first effective VUI – Voice User Interface. Jobs wanted your mind to be the next UI. Humans will evolve from GUI to VUI to MUI – Mind User Interface. With the pace that technology is evolving, Jobs saw no reason why an iPhone 7 could not be invented with a revolutionary MUI. Life would be as if the world has fast-forwarded to a Minority Report society, for our thoughts (not our voice) would control the super-responsive virtual assistant embedded within the exciting iPhone 7. If you thought “What can I get my wife for her anniversary present?”, JIRI (Jobs Intuitive Recognition Interface) would immediately offer suggestions like Tiffany jewelry, a romantic restaurant and flowers delivered based on your last buying patterns and the data mining results of your spouse’s profile. Without Jobs riding the iCloud to iHeaven, he would not have envisioned the best UI that will be known to humanity: JIRI. (Note: in 2009, Honda was the first company to use a “brain-machine interface” to control the movement of a robot by thought alone.)

And the iPhone 7 will be a greener solution. Imagine the time, cost and energy it will save by eliminating the need for you to go window shopping from store to store or buying a special gift at the 11th hour. The elegant MUI will enable you to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate waste in innumerable ways.

In three to four years, when the iPhone 7 is launched, it may not ever need to be charged in the conventional way we do today – by plugging it into a wall charger or USB adapter for an overnight charge.  It’s quite likely that Jobs would have figured out how to exclusively use renewable energy to power the iPhone 7 or use Apple accessories that would utilize solar cells printed on paper as well as sensors that store kinetic energy for an Apple-patented renewable energy charging feature (Note: Earlier this year, Apple was granted its second solar cell related patent for portable devices by the USPTO).  So in the not so distant future, Jobs legacy and genius will be intact. He will reinvent the iPhone and put another dent in the universe by delivering an unbelievable experience with MUI.

What iPhone feature(s) will you expect to see in the future? Ecoleader welcomes your comments.

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