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Posted on September 15, 2011


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Nearly 1.6 Billion people around the world are without electricity. The “power of one” invention, a Solar Bottle Bulb developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students, is making a difference in bringing light to thousands of homes in Manila, Philippines. The potential for lighting the rest of the unlit communities around the world is significant.

The following video about Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light-CLICK HERE)-describes the project that is having a significant impact for bringing light to underprivileged Filipino communities. A second video (click here) by Reuters is on the Organization’s website and gives a broader overview of the project. The goal of the program is to light one million homes by 2012.

What is a Solar Bottle Bulb? The eco-friendly bulb is a clear plastic one-liter bottle filled with purified water and bleach. By attaching a small galvanized iron fixture to the middle of the bottle and inserting it halfway into a hole cutout of a metal roof, the bulb can bring nearly 60 Watts of lighting by diffracting the light of the sun inside the owner’s home. The chlorine/bleach solution keeps the water mold-free for a period of up to five years for a total cost of $2-$3.

This initiative was launched by Illac Diaz, an ecopreneur who is also the nephew of former Miss Universe (1969) Gloria Diaz from the Philippines who founded MyShelter Foundation, the main underwriter for the project. The Solar Bottle Bulb uses principles of Appropriate Technologies, a collaborative movement that seeks to invent simple technology that is small scale, energy efficient, locally controlled and environmentally sound.  Diaz noted: “Our group aims to produce solar energy at a much cheaper cost…that would last up to 10 years.” Using the simple innovation helps Filipinos avoid using kerosene lamps or candles and provides a cleaner, greener way of lighting their way toward a better life.

What other simple inventions can be used to make an impact for a Greener Planet? Your comments are welcome.

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