“Good Night Earth” (free eBook) – Celebrating International Youth Day

Posted on August 12, 2011


(Source: United Nations)

In celebration of United Nations International Youth Day on August 12, you can receive a free copy of the eBook “Good Night Earth” (a children’s poem) by subscribing to the EcoLeader’s Blog.* (See footnote about email subscriptions.)

Since the current generation of Planet Earth’s leaders and consumers got us to where we are today, the poem reminds us of simpler times to appreciate Mother Nature each day and night. By appreciating and enjoying Nature with our youth, we can work together  to preserve the circle of life which sustains us.

As our youth mature to adulthood, we can pave the road for the young trailblazers to help us solve some of the world’s toughest energy and environmental issues. They will be able to learn from our mistakes and join us to be part of a solution for a greener future: to change our world.

As UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon states, “ ‘Change Our World’ is more than the theme for this year’s International Youth Day; it is an injunction that should inspire young people at all times…. Young people are gifted with open minds and a keen awareness of emerging trends, and are bringing their energy, ideas and courage to some of the most complex and important challenges facing the human family….And they are often the leading proponents of sustainability and green lifestyles.”

In summary, Ban Ki-moon declares: “To them I say: you have the opportunity to change our world. Seize it.”

What will you do to celebrate International Youth Day? Your comments are welcome.

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