Apple’s Future: From iPhone to gPhone

Posted on August 5, 2011


With the iPhone 5 launch expected in the future, we need to ask what’s next for Apple which captures 66% of the world’s mobile phone profits (source: Asymco). Here are three trends that will play into Apple’s roadmap for the future from an iPhone to a gPhone.

1)      gPhone for green:  Apple’s R&D is exploring how soon it will be able to leverage MIT’s latest discovery – solar cells that can be printed on paper (see video).  Given this paper substrate innovation can be as much as 1000 times cheaper than using glass, Apple will need to determine if it uses the material in a gPhone housing or in accessories or both. Extending battery life for smartphones 2X or more beyond the norm would be the Holy Grail for users. You will also be able to use a gSmart application for controlling energy and water use in your home within a green-Smart grid.

2)      gPhone for global: Apple’s smartphones of the future may eventually render carriers extinct. With free iPhone-to-iPhone text messaging being launched with the new iPhone 5, Apple will seek to leverage WiFi and WiMax as a free or cheaper alternative for making international calls and video calls anywhere and anytime. Given your gProfile, the gPhone will automatically translate all websites you access in another country to your native language. It will have embedded translator technology so when you speak to your gPhone, it can translate your sentences for use while you tour or work in international venues. The Tower of Babel will no longer exist among the global citizens of Planet Earth for any language could be translated to other languages with ease.

3)      gPhone for geo: Apart from using the GPS location information for the latest coupons for restaurants and shopping, your gPhone will have other useful geo-functions or you can opt out of being bombarded with geo-coupons. Your gPhone will be the key to your car, home and office for it will enable geofencing security; metal keys will become extinct. You will be able to safely know where your kids are as they arrive or depart from school. And if you have an aversion to carrying cash, you will enable your digital wallet to pay for anything anywhere.

While all of these features will not necessarily be in an iPhone 6 (for it’s highly unlikely that Apple will ever give up its iPhone brand), you can expect these g-features to be rolled out in the 2012-2013 timeframe. Apple will continue to speed ahead to include improvements that expand its market share, maintain its commanding profitability and, most importantly, increase their mainstream consumer loyalty.

What new features (beyond these) do you want the most? Your comments are welcome.

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