Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference: Only 5% Green Tech

Posted on July 15, 2011


Source: Fortune

Mark your calendars for July 19-21 for Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, Colorado, although only 5% of the program will be related to Green Tech.

The Green Tech portion during lunch on Wednesday, July 20,  will feature :

Green Technologies: What’s Now and What’s Next

–          Amory Lovins, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

–          Peter Schwartz, Co-founder and Chairman, Global Business Network

–          Brian Dumaine, Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune

Although the speakers will bring expertise in their fields, a more powerful combination could have featured CEOs from the largest or most influential Fortune 500 companies that are making a Sustainability difference that other corporations can benchmark.

While Fortune does have a focused program targeted each April titled Fortune Brainstorm Green, Fortune could have taken a more practical approach to this Tech session by cross-pollinating Green issues with Tech issues. If it had, the Tech Agenda could have looked more like:

–          3-3-3: Three minutes on three Green Tech companies that  will matter in three years,

–          The Tide is Turning: How to move your company toward a Zero Energy site,

–          Green Startup Idol: Vying for a chance to be the next great Green Start-up.

–          Mobile Smartphone Smackdown:  If your smartphone can be as green as a mobile wallet, what does it take to be as green as Mother Nature’s organic materials?

Another challenge is that participation is subject to approval and costs $3,900 which does not include hotel or travel charges. Finally, it’s not clear whether Fortune Live Media has made the same sustainability commitment in this venue as it did in April.  During the Green event, it minimized its environmental impact across the Venue, Production and Marketing phases to reduce the carbon footprint and maximize the use of natural resources. If the Tech event is planned the same way, it’s time to promote all Fortune forums as an EcoLeader to demonstrate how all events should be organized.

Next time, challenge Fortune to make Green Tech more pervasive, for it’s a topic that’s as important as profitability if we all want a cleaner, greener Earth.

What Green (Eco) topics would you like to see in the next Brainstorm Tech conference? Your comments are welcome below.

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