Nordstrom Leads Luxury Retailers in Promoting Eco Product Benefits

Posted on July 8, 2011


Although Saks Fifth Avenue has topped other Luxury Retailers for June sales growth (~ 12% higher for same store sales), it’s not because of Eco Product sales. Luxury Retailers lag far behind mainstream retailers in promoting eco-friendly items with one exception: Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Cares is a link at the bottom of their home page that promotes all of their community-related activities from the Environment to supporting Japan relief efforts. By choosing the Products & Partners tab then selecting the Eco Friendly Products option, users can find nearly 250 eco-friendly products from which to choose. Nordstrom could enhance the site by also indexing their organic and eco-friendly products under that same link because users need to do a separate on-site search to access nearly 500 other products in those categories. Their most important EcoLeader highlight is their corporate charter which focuses on improving environmental policies like recycling, energy conservation, organic cotton development and other initiatives with tangible results.

Luxury Retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Nieman Marcus need to dramatically improve their eco user experience if they want to appeal to eco-consumers by:

  • Integrating eco materials with fashion to create a whole new brand,
  • Setting up a link on the home page and site map to allow one-click access to Eco products,
  • Grouping  Eco Products to include eco-manufactured, eco-friendly, and organic products under one category,
  • Establishing a corporate mandate to focus on improving the environment (like Nordstrom) and
  • Making the supply chain and product lifecycles greener to raise the bar of their suppliers to provide eco-driven products.

Finally, Luxury Retailers may be able to learn from the magic of Macy’s: make eco-promos fun by getting the community involved. If you click on the “Turn Over a New Leaf” icon on the Macy’s home page, you can learn about how their partnership with Recyclebank which rewards consumers for their green actions with perks, discounts and more.

What eco products do you want more Department Stores to offer? Your comments are welcome below.


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