America Wants You for Energy Independence!

Posted on July 5, 2011


As we honor those who fought for our Independence on July 4th, we can also imagine what Uncle Sam would ask us to do over 100 years after he asked those who served for our country in the early 1900s. As we advance in the new millennium, America wants you for energy independence: to be a Green American.  Since becoming energy independent is a journey, not a destination, you can use two simple guidelines that offer do-it-yourself tips that can make a notable difference in the average household energy costs.

(1) The most fun and recognizable site available today about how to save energy is from National Geographic’s “Great Energy Challenge” website. Clicking on the Personal Energy Meter, selecting the “United States” and then clicking “continue” will embark you on an enjoyable and challenging Q&A about where your household energy usage stands relative to the 21,000+ other people who have placed their energy stats in the quiz. Secondly, clicking on the Mini-Calculators tab (and entering your zip code) allows you to understand how you can save energy through lighting, air conditioning, eating, vampire voltage and ten other areas. If a family focused on eliminating vampire energy alone, they could see an immediate savings of as much as 8% of their  monthly electricity bill. Finally, I encourage you to select the 360o Energy Diet to review how people around the world achieved significant percentages of cost savings in home energy, transportation, water use, etc.

(2) The other useful resource that even has state- specific information (for rebates, weatherization, etc.) is the Department of Energy (DoE) site focused on Energy Efficiency.  There are also great sites for family participation since there is a DoE Kids page as well as other resources on the Energy Star site.

While its true that China is now the #1 consumer of energy in the world (20% of the world’s energy in 2010) with U.S. being #2 (about 19%), the US still consumes four times (4X) the amount of energy per capita as China. So if we are to take a leadership position, we must call all to action to strive toward energy independence and answer Uncle Sam’s call for help.

What other energy savings actions will make a big difference? Share you comments below.


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