Coca Cola’s Real Thing: a Green (CO2-eating) Billboard

Posted on July 2, 2011


Coca-Cola's CO2-eating Billboard (Manila, Philippines)

Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund, the Coca-Cola Company has launched a CO2-eating billboard made of thousands of Fukian tea plants in Manila, Philippines. The plants are arranged to form the shape of a Coke bottle with the following words placed across the middle of the silhouette: “This billboard absorbs air pollutants.”

The billboard has a number of ingenious features that show what’s possible for making a greener planet:

–          3600 pots (made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles) contain a blend of organic fertilizers with industrial by-products to nurture the tea plants;

–          On the average, each plant can absorb as much as 13 pounds of carbon dioxide per year (a total of 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide for the 60’x60’ billboard (per botanist Anthony Gao who worked with Coca-Cola according to the Philippine Star);

–          A drip irrigation system ensures the plants livelihood by efficiently distributing water.

This work of art demonstrates Coca-Cola’s global EcoLeadership  with its commitment to long-term sustainability in an age when other billboard makers are accused of greenwashing.  “This (billboard) innovative contribution to the greening of the environment is a salient reminder for Filipinos to take an active hand in protecting and saving Mother Earth,” said Guillermo Aponte, President of Coca-Cola Philippines, according to the Star.

What other examples can you cite that show the power of Nature used in corporate branding?


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