Eco Leader Puma Thinks Outside the Box… to an Eco Bag

Posted on June 29, 2011


Eco Leader Puma thinks outside the box. Instead of using retail boxes for their athletic shoes and footwear, Puma  has launched the use of eco-friendly bags – compostable bags that can decompose within three months – which they dubbed the “clever little shopper.” More can be seen in the YouTube video posted by Puma.

It took 21 months of R&D, trials and pilot production to innovate their boxes into energy-saving bags with Yves Behar, founder of Fuseproject. The energy savings are projected to:

– reduce cardboard use by 65%

– save 8500 tons of paper

– 1 million liters of water (over 264,000 gallons)

– reduce carbon dioxide footprint by 10,000 tons, and

– save over 5,500 MWatts of energy per year (enough to provide the annual electricity needs of over 500 homes in the U.S.).

With a long-term vision toward a greener planet Earth, Puma’s mission is to be the most desirable and sustainable SportsLifestyle company in the world. Puma will continue to substantially reduce its “paw print” – its environmental impact – over the next few years.

Will you choose Puma because of their commitment to eco-friendly sportswear? Your comments are welcome.


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