Product’s green-ness in the eye of the beholder

Posted on June 28, 2011


In the following article, Edward Baig of USA Today notes that Apple is pushing the envelope in the greening of their consumer products. Samsung, AT&T, Google and Belkin are also striving to appeal to consumer’s desire to purchase green products without a premium in price or sacrifice in features.

Yet, apart from this article, there is no common or easy standard that consumers can use to weigh the merits of eco-friendly attributes of a specific consumer electronics product. It’s still common to find a green product whose manufacturer may expedite shipments overseas using air delivery rather than boat delivery (higher costs of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions), use non-green packaging (like plastics that take 1000+ years to disintegrate), or label their product as green when the chemical elements of the product or of its manufacturing processes continue to harm the environment. EcoLeader’s Blog will be writing more about what can be done to push consumer electronics companies toward a common standard that will benefit consumers, manufacturers and the environment.

Product’s green-ness often in eye of the beholder –

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