Nokia 2X Greener than Samsung, LG cellphones

Posted on May 28, 2010


Whose cellphones are greener than others? When Greenpeace published their 15th Edition of their Guide to Greener Electronics, Nokia topped rivals Samsung and LG by nearly 2X better than their competitors’  green ranking. The metrics rank the 18 top manufacturers of personal computers, mobile phones, TVs and games consoles according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change.  So here’s a quick snapshot of where the global cellphone makers rank:

  • 7.5= Nokia
  • 6.9= Sony Ericsson
  • 5.1= Motorola
  • 4.9= Apple
  • 3.7= LG
  • 3.7= Samsung

Nokia’s Green Score of 7.5 is more than 2X those of its rivals Samsung and LG which tied with Green Scores of 3.7.  Apple doesn’t fare that much better than those with its rating at 4.9. What’s clear is that the European cellphone manufacturers do what it takes to be Green faster than their US or Korean counterparts.

Greenpeace has three goals for this guide to get companies to:

  • Clean up their products by eliminating hazardous substances.
  • Take back and recycle their products responsibly once they become obsolete.
  • Reduce the climate impacts of their operations and products.

This should serve as a wake-up call for the followers to become Eco Leaders on their own merit.

For a detailed copy of the scorecard, go to Guide to Greener Electronics.

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